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Amalaki (Amala):   Scientific Name: Phyllanthus emblica

 Ayurveda (“the Knowledge of Life”) is one of the oldest know medicinal traditions and has been practiced continuously for over five thousand years.  As Buddha traveled through China with his physicians Ayurveda became the basis for Chinese medicine.  Within Ayurveda, Amalaki is the “Great Rejuvenator.”  In Sanskrit the word for Amalaki translates as “the nurse.”

Amalaki has been used in India as a traditional remedy to treat the blood, bones, liver and the heart. Ayurveda attributes Amalaki with the ability to help rebuild and maintain new tissue and improve red blood cell count.  Like other adaptogens it has a wide range of properties.    It is used to stimulate brain function, assist the body in elimination disorders (used for both constipation and diarrhea), connective tissue disorders, protection against heart and nervous system disorders, blood sugar regulation, strengthens bone, teeth, capillaries and the eyes.  Initial research suggests that Amalaki may help to inhibit atherosclerosis, carcinogenesis, slow degeneration from Alzheimer’s, dispels nausea and vomiting, throat congestion and respiratory problems.

 VITAMIN C:  Amalaki is the highest natural source of vitamin C, with 3000 mg per fruit. Amalaki juice contains approximately 20 times more vitamin C than orange juiceThis extraordinarily high vitamin C content provides Amalaki with strong antioxidant properties among the other known health benefits of vitamin C.  Tannins contained in Amalaki’s vitamin C act as protection against oxidation from heat. Naturally occurring vitamin C is bio-available and substantially more effective than synthetic vitamin C.

ANTI-AGING:  Amalaki is most famous as an anti-aging and rejuvinative botanical.  It is the most important of the “rasayana” herbs which improve the blood and thereby promote the health of all the tissues of the body.  This, in combination with the cleansing and balancing effects of Amalaki described below make it a powerful anti-aging adaptogenic botanical.

 DETOXAmalaki cleanses your entire elimination system including intestine, colon, liver, kidneys and bladder.  According to Ayurveda (and other medical systems) the colon is the “mother of all disease.”  When waste products are not properly eliminated, the body gets sick.  The accumulated toxins interfere with the natural functioning of our body and prevent optimum functioning.  “When the sinus is congested, clean the colon.  This is the plug at the bottom of the pond.”  Throughout India and Asia Amalaki is widely used to clear sinus, throat, and lung conditions.  Masters of Yoga have used Amalaki for thousands of years to cleanse their system in preparation for deep meditation.

BALANCE:   In Ayurveda, self- healing is achieved through conscious creation of balance (homeostasis).    Aberrations in the transference of energy to matter and matter to energy create malfunctions in the cells.  The remedy is not in the chemistry per se, but in the creation of balance.  In fact, when the body is balanced (as in meditation) our metabolism slows down as measured by oxygen consumption, cardiac output (work load on your heart) drops, while blood circulation increases at the same time.  Lactic acid levels (a measurement of stress) decrease.  Our entire physiology becomes optimized and super-efficient.  The essence of healing is embodied in adaptogens, of which Amalaki is one of the most potent on the planet.

BIO-DYN FREEZE DRIED:  We together with our cooperative have utilized an evolutionary, transitional new technology to preserve and convey the value that our Amalaki powder capsules possess.  Please refer to our Bio-Dyn Freeze Dry Process Brief for details.

Bio-Dyn Freeze Dried Amalaki Fruit Powder comes in boxes of 70 capsules.

Capsules with 500 mgr each are individually blister-packed to prevent re-hydration and preserve their integrity.

This product is approved by the Thai F.D.A. as a dietary supplement

Amalaki fruit powder is also available as bulk powder.

Prices available:  info@siamspafacial.com

Why should I take Amalaki?

Why should I take Amalaki? (Thai language)

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